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Gaudium Capital is an international boutique firm specializing in private deals, providing financial solutions for private companies and investment institutions.

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Gaudium Capital was founded in 2018 with a focus on private equity in the technology sector. After a phase of aggressive international growth, all of the technology side of the business got merged with Honan Group and Trinity Exponentials to form Yunity.

Subsequently, Gaudium Capital restructured to remain purely focused  on non-technology related deals, with an emphasis in private equity, alternative asset classes, international real estate trophy assets, and M&A.

At Gaudium Capital, we believe that life is all about people. We consequently believe that business is all about people. And we put people first.

The word "Gaudium" comes from ancient Latin, and it means delight, joy, gladness. 

Gaudium Capital currently has operations in four different continents.




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At Gaudium Capital we believe that we live in a world of uncertainty. This very nature generates imperfect and asymmetric information in allocation of resources across every single market, which generates deal opportunities that when appropriately positioned present a unique juncture for arbitrage and value expansion.
We also believe that life is short and ephemeral, and consequently we like to focus on quality over quantity. A life well lived regardless of its length.  This translates in deals that can leave a legacy, and have a positive net impact for all the stakeholders involved. 

We aspire to be our best, and enjoy the best life has to offer. Including beautiful deals. 

We go as far as we can, with everything we have. 




At Gaudium Capital we leverage our expertise and international network to take private deals to the next level. Gaudium Capital is a partner for investment groups and institutional organizations looking for private equity solutions and elite assets. 

Gaudium Capital stands behind its values; for us, trust is at the core of our operations. We specialize in exclusive off-market deals that we find to have notable positive asymmetric risk-reward profiles.

We pursue opportunities without constraints, and we have a core team of professionals that operate fast, efficiently, and eloquently. 


Private Equity


Alternative Investments

Capital Formation

International Real Estate Trophy Assets


Financial Management

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Financial Vehicle Structuring

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